It’s Spring finally!


Pleasant smell of flowers, tranquil birdsong and warm breeze: Spring is here!
As the days are lengthening after the gloomy and dark Winter, Nature is rising and we are fascinated by its magical colours. Winter might be too cold, Summer too hot and Autumn too grey, however, there is no man on Earth who wouldn’t love Spring.
In arts, Spring is the symbol of renewal and rebirth. It is not a coincidence since, after the barren and freezing weather, it is as if Nature was reborn. The buds burst, the scenery turns green, and animals slip out of their winter shelters. But not only animals do so: the first warm sunbeams call us out to Nature, what is more, days are getting longer and longer and you can spend gradually more time outside.
After the bitter winter, a pleasant and peaceful picnic or a longer trip with your love, friends or family members makes you feel good, doesn’t it?
And what other reason you have to like Spring? Due to sunlight, the world blooms and, even in the concrete jungle of the city centre, you can find something refreshingly wonderful.
Immerse yourself in the beauties of Spring and enjoy these pictures wherever you are: at work or at home, these images will surely bring smile to your face.

Spring wallpapers »


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