The celebration of Carnival

Carnival is all about the carefree festivity and saying goodbye to Winter.
It begins and ends in various countries at different times, however, it is greatly awaited similarly everywhere.
History of Carnival
The traditions of Carnival date back to the territory of today’s Italy. The main aim was to invite nature to ensure a rich harvest with dance, celebration and a huge feast. This was absolutely necessary due to the fact that Easter took place right after this period along with the fast of course.
In the past, Carnival was celebrated only by the pagans then the Christians broadened it with some special customs, this way it reached out to the world.
Carnivals today
The Carnival period is usually in January and February, and the start of the fast puts an end to it. During this time both the young and adults put on funny and exciting costumes thus frightening Winter.
This period is about abundance and celebration when people can let themselves go. All you have to do is to download a joyful, carnival wallpaper, get your costumes, and let the fun begin.

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