The Fire

It is inflammable, hot,  life-threatening, although its vicinity makes you all warm: what is that?

Of course, it is one of the four elements, fire.

You might not even notice its existence, however, fire is part of every field of your life.

Fire is the symbol of romantic love

Out of the four elements, probably fire is the most exciting since it is peaceful and thrillingly misterious at the same time. It is not a coincidence that romantic love, in the majority of the cases, is compared to fire. A tiny sparkle can set a huge fire just like passion.

If you don’t watch out it burns down everything or just vanishes by itself: similarly to love, it needs to be nourished and vitalized to be able to have it as part of your life.

Fire makes you feel at home

Everyone desires to have a place at home where the family can come and relax together. A silently blazing fireplace can easily create a pleasant atmosphere during winter time. Beyond the comforting warmth, its mere spectacle is beautiful and diffuses serenity.

However, there is no possibiliy to have a fireplace in every flat, unfortunately. Still, with these amazing, fiery wallpapers you can have this awesome, heartwarming and excitingly dangerous element in your home, office and on your screen.

Fire wallpapers »


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